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Eric Newell Appleton

Eric Appleton’s Legal Cases

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  • Greenacre Properties, Inc. v. Rao

    Practice Area:
    Real estate
    Jan 01, 2006
    Petitioner prevailed on appeal.
    A homeowner brought an action against a property manager that was under contract with his homeowner's association. The homeowner (Rao) sued for breach of that contract and negligence. The Circuit Court, Hillsborough County, Perry A. Little, J. granted judgment in favor of homeowner. The manager appealed, and the District Court of Appeal (Judge Altenbernd) held that: (1) homeowner was not third-party beneficiary of contract; (2) manager was not within statutory definition of homeowners' association; (3) manager was not negligent in maintaining association's records; and (4) manager owed no fiduciary duty to homeowner.