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Brent Britton’s Legal Guides

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  • Start Up Your Startup

    A lot of people come to me with the question, Ive got a great business idea. What do I do next? If you find yourself asking this question, my advice is to become a full-time entrepreneur and start a company to make and sell your product or service.

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  • Why Use Independent Contractor Agreements?

    Ownership of intellectual property is counterintuitive. Mere payment for deliverables does not necessarily secure clean title from independent contractors. Under US copyright law, in order to be deemed to be works made for hire wherein the company obtains complete ownership f...

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  • Why Startups Fail

    From a systemic perspective, most startups fail due to lack of entrepreneurial education. The founders dont know how to be entrepreneurs and they dont understand the basic machinery of running a company. We as a community should be able to fix this. The endemic problems aris...

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