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Lynette Silon-Laguna

Lynette Silon-Laguna’s Legal Guides

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  • Fraudulent Transfers and Bankruptcy Fraud

    Constructive Fraudulent Transfer Whether you realize it or not, under bankruptcy laws you may have fraudulently transferred an asset. This could happen if you sell an asset for less than its reasonably equivalent value and you do so within a certain period prior to filing for ba...

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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions and Non-Dischargeable Debt

    Chapter 7 Common Exemptions in Florida You must be a resident of Florida for two continuous years to take advantage of Floridas exemptions. If not, then either the Federal exemptions or the exemptions of the state in which you previously lived will apply. A consumer debtor may ...

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  • Prevent Foreclosure by Stripping Second Mortgages in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    It is possible only in a Chapter 13 to strip a second mortgage lien from your home. This will help to prevent foreclosure when a propertys market value has decreased substantially since the mortgages were obtained. Furthermore, the market value of the home must be equal to or les...

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  • Seeking a Divorce and Financial Independence in a Down Economy

    Divorce & Financial Independence In the best of economic conditions, people may be concerned about how a divorce will affect their ability to take care of themselves. But when the economy is down and

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