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Ronald Scott Kaniuk

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  • How to get deed back after foreclosure

    2006 foreclosure dismissed2006 never heard from bank how can I get my deed back

    Ronald’s Answer

    If I understand your question, you are the owner of property that was subject to foreclosure, and the case was dismissed. If that is the case, and you were the record owner, then you remain the record owner. The only way to divest you of ownership is for the Court to order a Foreclosure Sale to be conducted by the Clerk of the Court (now held on-line in Florida). If the Bank commenced the foreclosure in 2006, and subsequently dismissed the case without refiling, you should consult a lawyer to review the property records and court docket and determine possible next steps to protect your property and mitigate any losses of money or property. Good luck.

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  • Our short sale is approved but the bank is not releasing us from the deficiency...

    Our short sale on our investment property in FL has been approved for $175k less than what we still owe. The lender has agreed to release the lien on the property but has stated" the release of our mortgage does not constitute a release of the lia...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Your Realtor is WRONG and is dangerously close to the unauthorized practice of law. If you complete the short sale and do not get a waiver of deficiency, then the lender (or a 3rd party buying the claim) can pursue the deficiency. You should consult a lawyer BEFORE you complete the short sale and better understand your rights and options.

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  • I'm in Clermont Fl. And in forclosure and trying a short sale but might not work. Should I get a lawyer?

    Foreclosure short sale Lawyer

    Ronald’s Answer

    If you are being sued for foreclosure, you definitely should consult a foreclosure defense lawyer.
    The bank has an attorney, and you should have one too.
    An attorney can assist with the short sale as well.
    Please feel free to call my office for a free consultation, or call other lawyers to get info.
    Please do not try to do this without legal assistance.

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  • What are my rights as a tenant in a condo in florida that is going into fo foreclosure

    I have a one year lease with the owner of the condo that started May 1, 2009 The land lord has a $900.00 security deposit Yesterday I was given papers that a law suit has been filed against me and I have 20 days to give a written response to th...

    Ronald’s Answer

    I assume that you are named as a defendant because the landlord is being foreclosed upon and the bank is trying to extinguish your rights as a tenant.

    You have rights vis-a-vis the landlord, and you have certain rights under federal legislation as a tenant.

    But you cannot be liable under the mortgage and note if you are not a signatory.

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  • Any Real Estate Attorneys in Central FL area that Specialize in Short Sales and protect from a foreclosure? Experienced..

    ones that specialize in this..WHAT IS THE APPROX COST OF THIS? Please let me know...

    Ronald’s Answer

    We routinely represent clients in foreclosure cases who are trying to get short sales approved. Please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation. 888-830-0830.

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  • I live in west palm beach. i am currently working with the bank for a loan modification. i

    i live in west palm beach fl. i was served papaers for forclosure with the court and i sent a letter of response before 20 calendar days. i am currently working on a loan mod with the bank. they still have no response. i just got a letter in the ...

    Ronald’s Answer

    While you may think that the bank is ready to negotiate with you on a loan modification, they are also actively pursuing their remedies in state court, by virtue of the foreclosure proceeding.

    You need to retain a lawyer and answer the complaint and defend against the default and summary judgment motions.

    Good luck.

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