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Daniel J. Rose

Daniel Rose’s Legal Guides

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  • Top 10 Mistakes Foreclosure Defendants Make

    Top Ten Mistakes Homeowners Make During The Modification Process 1.- Not knowing and/or understanding the Bank Guidelines: Every bank has their internal guidelines and programs which change from month to month. For example, there is a big difference between Bank O...

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  • For Victims of Summit Legal Group / William O'Toole

    A guide for victims of Summit Legal Group / William O'Toole, Esq.

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  • Guide For Lawyers on Avvo : How to become a top contributor

    There are a bunch of attorneys who each week are always the "Top Contributor" because they know how to work the system. Just because you are a "Top Contributor" is not an endorsement by Avvo of your legal services.

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  • Avvo Question and Answers

    When asking questions on Avvo, please keep the questions with a simple fact pattern explaining the situation. It doesn't matter if you are writing on behalf of a friend (we know it's you) and the simpler the question more attorneys will answer.

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  • Criminal Law: First Time Offense? Why You Need an Attorney

    This past month many individuals have written about a first time offense such as possession of marijuana and stress concerns that this will be on their permanent record. A majority of attorneys respond by telling these individuals to hire an attorney which is met with some for of...

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  • Agents and Contracts (Inside the NFL)

    Most players coming out of college are unfamiliar with the way rookie and veteran NFL Contracts are actually negotiated. They are, however usually recruited heavily by agents who principal purpose is to convince their players to retain their services. All of these agents will cla...

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