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Matthew Roman Kamula

Matthew Kamula’s reviews

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  • Building a strong foundation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew Hawkins

    Mr. Kamula has help me structuring my company, Extended Family ALR Inc., into a not for profit corporation. I have to say I could not have done this without him. My situation was very trying as I was build this company while working overseas in Afghanistan. The 8 and half hour time difference was a challenge in itself. Other challenges we faced were network connectivity. Constance dropped calls or not being able to attend a scheduled phone conference at all. The network was a frequent annoyance to say the least. I remember when I first contacted with him about setting my company, I told him I had already registered an LLP and a non profit with the state. You see I a very proactive investor and sometimes I tend to get ahead of myself. Needless to say this was one of those times. I had this great idea that each business entity would afford me certain benefits. Well after talking with Mr. Kamula I was calling myself all kinds of stupids, because I just wasted quite a bit of money. Mr. Kamula simply told me "you're not stupid, you're just learning and I bet this is a mistake you won't make again." This is when I knew I had the right lawyer. Now Mr. Kamula has been someone I can turn to for more than just my business situations, but also for advice on life. How this happened I cannot tell you, but it has. Growing up in the inner city of Harlem during the late 80's and early 90's I was lead to believe that lawyers were not to be trusted. That a lawyer's sole purpose was to put you in prison. After working with Mr. Kamula I have learned that lawyers are out to uphold the law and help those who are looking to help themselves. I cannot speak for any other lawyers because I have not worked with any other lawyers, but my experience after working with Mr. Kamula has changed my mind about lawyers to say the least. If I had to describe Mr. Kamula in one word it would be honest. No matter what my situation I feel he has always given me his honest advice whether I liked it or not. At the same time he has always listened to my concerns and taken them into consideration while finding the best solution to my problem. I have contacted Mr. Kamula for more than just business related problems and he has managed to come through for me every time. The advice he has given me on situations involving my Mom, wife and son have proven to be priceless. If he could not solve my problem himself he would point me in the direction to someone who could. So now if I need advice on the strategy for buying tampons for my wife or finding a solution to world hunger and peace he would be the first person I would call. Thank you Mr. Kamula for your dedication to the growth of my business and a better way of life for my family. Lastly I would like to say I am no longer allowed to call him Mr. Kamula. Therefore; thank you Matthew for all your help.

    Thank you
    Extended Family ALR Inc.

  • A truly proffesional and well versed attourney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David M.

    Mr. Kamula caries himself like a seasoned and well versed attourney. He made the unpleasurable experience of a lawsuit as seemless and stress free as possible. He is extreamely user friendly and made the experience as enjoyable as a law suit can possibly be. I would highly reccommend Mr. Kamula for any business matters that may arise during your course of doing business. Thank you for your prompt response to my situation and quickly stomping out my fire. Thanks again I would highly recommend your firm.

  • Quick Response time

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Matt, responded to a situation very quickly and reponsibly without hesitation

  • Excellent Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Kamula first counseled me about my need of an attorney and the financial burden it might impose on me.
    He then set expectations appropriately and made sure that my expectations of him were realizable
    He then set about understanding my goals.
    He then set about meeting those goals.
    He met my goals and I am satisfied of his service.
    If anyone has questions feel free to contact me and I will answer further questions.
    I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney. It is noteworthy that he kept me very informed of what was going on with my case.

  • Absolutely the most honest attorney. honest!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    There are few in his profession like Matt. He has handled my affairs, both legal and business, in such a professional manner. He is a lawyer's lawyer. An Atticus Finch. I would highly recommend him not only for his professional knowledge, but for his personal appeal. He is an attorney who combines the practice of the profession with the reality of his clients.