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Kai Li Aloe Fouts

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  • Best attorney i have ever had the pleasure of using.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Out of all the attorneys I have ever hired, she was by far the best one i worked with. I have never seen one that was so on top of their game, knew every detail about the case and so precise in her delivery. Dont let her slender frame and friendly demeanor fool you; inside the courtroom she is a fierce beast to be reckoned with. I watched in amazement first hand how she worked and the amount of respect she commanded from everyone in the room. There hasnt been many genuine human beings that would stick their neck out and fight this hard for me, she is one i will never forget.

    She is a true professional and i would personally recommend her to anyone.

  • Terrible experience with a Terrific outcome. Kai Li, YOU ARE AMAZING!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tayler

    Unfortunately i have needed legal help...An when it came to my life i wanted the best obviously. After much due diligence and assistance from family i was referred to Kai Li. Honestly i had no idea what to expect, i was at the point of borderline insanity, and Kai Li was soo informative, so transparent and upfront with me and really helped me understand EVERYTHING i was to expect. I listen to stories about how people couldn't ever reach their attorneys, they didn't know what was going on, they weren't making much effort...NOT the case here. An i am sure i was a pain in the rear but, Kai Li was always available and if she was in court or busy, (by the way she always returned my calls promptly) she would let her partner Mr. Eisenberg know what was going on and he would help me in areas he could. Kai Li seems to be known by most everyone that we would run in to or walk past and has a great network from what i saw. Every question i had was answered but, she doesn't sugar coat! Sometimes i wanted her to cause i was terrified but, she is always 100% honest and forthcoming yet very caring and understanding. Even when i was having a breakdown...which i had often. One thing i loved about being represented by Kai Li is i got the genuine feeling that she actually cared about her clients and about my situation. Now, i would like to say i am great at understanding people considering i have to read reactions on a daily basis...Well, i still stand by this when i say it, "Kai Li has your best interests in mind at all times."
    Plus when my family had questions she would gladly take their calls too, which ment a lot to me cause they were just as nervous! When it came to payment, her office is terrific and very accomidating. Hard to find from what i experienced.
    Overall she made one of the worst times in life a quick and educational experience. Ha, i learned my lesson and she gave me my pep talk and i appreciate everything she said to me "off the record" so to say. I would never call anyone else to represent me in this area besides Kai Li. Most of the attorneys i spoke with sounded great in the beginning or sound helpful but, i can assure you; from experience, that it's hard to gauge at first. I'm giving this review because i can honestly say that without her help, i wouldn't be in front of a computer right now, nor would i be sitting here with a smile, i would be in jail. I figured the least i could do is a review. My suggestion for anyone in need..."Call Kai Li...that's it. Call her and you will know why i wrote this."
    Thank you Kai Li! So much!