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Marvin Simon Schulman

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  • Do any injury attornies accept a 33% net recovery fee?

    How does the net work if i have medial insurance? Thank you.

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    Every contingency attorney's fee agreement is potentially negotiable - down; but it would depend on each potential client's circumstances and fairness.

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  • What are my options after a car accident, and pain in my back?

    Hi, I had an accident three months ago, another car hit me in the back. I have been receiving physical therapy but pain is still there. To make things worse, but my employer fired me a month after the accident. I filed for unemployment for my ...

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    Regardless of fault, you may be entitled to receive your lost wages and future lost income; as well as all your medical expenses. Whether you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other legal damages can be sought and determined by an experienced attorney, and/or possibly given in a settlement or awarded at trial. Your statements of loss are quite compelling and you should be entitled to a significant amount of compensation. I would suggest you contact and retain an experienced personal injury attorney.

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