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Roy David Oppenheim

Roy Oppenheim’s Legal Guides

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  • From The Trenches: Roy Oppenheim on Freddie Mac

    An NPR and ProPublica investigation revealed Freddie Mac, the government run mortgage company was in fact betting against the American Homeowner by investing in securities that paid off if homeowners couldn't refinance. Foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim shares his outrage

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  • Roy Oppenheim Deconstructs The Black Magic Behind Securitized Trusts

    Florida attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim talks about the ins and outs of the securitization process and how banks have been able to turn it into some kind of black magic. Before even being released Oppenheim's article has gone viral and been picked up by Law Review. Opp...

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  • Protecting Yourself From Deficiency and Deficiency Judgements 101 in Florida

    Foreclosure Defense Attorney brings you Part 2 on Deficiency and Deficiency Judgements 101 in Florida. Oppenheim Law represents hundreds ofThe differences between deficiencies and deficiency judgement. A deficient is nothing more than a piece of paper, much like a piece of paper....

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  • Florida Deficiency Judgments FAQs . . . By Roy Oppenheim

    Oppenheim Law’s most popular videos and blog posts are on the topic of deficiency judgements. So, by popular demand, we will continue to provide news and insight on this topic.

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  • How to do a Florida Short Sale by Roy Oppenheim

    Oppenheim Law reports about 80 percent of its Florida foreclosure clients had deficiencies completely waived once they closed their short sale, also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, saving homeowners more than $16 million dollars in 2010/2011. Attorney Roy Oppenheim believes the ...

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