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Catherine Fran Hoffman

Catherine Hoffman’s Answers

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  • What is a geographical indicator in a trademarks? ( Examples are appreciated)

    I understand that when I register a trademark, I need to take care that there are no geographical Indicators. I find the explanation of USPTO a little bit confusing. For example, if I am doing a Caribbean food brand and want to call it Caribbe...

    Catherine’s Answer

    In addition to the other comments, I would add that it would be important to conduct a search to make sure there are no existing trademarks, including certification marks, that would bar your application. Importantly, note that there is a certification mark at the USPTO for PURE CARRIBEAN for goods.
    An example of a geographic indicator which became generic is "FETA" for cheese and "parmesan" for hard cheese. An example of a USPTO certification mark is "IDAHO" owned by the State of Idaho Potato Commission, "100% Napa Valley" owned by Napa Valley Vintners Association for grape wine, or "Tequila." Certification marks differ from other trademarks as the owners cannot use the mark on products and must test the products against certain "criteria" standards. You should consult with a trademark attorney before filing your application.

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