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212(h) Waiver Victory in Court

Case Conclusion Date: 03.29.2012

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Client was granted a 212(h) waiver,Client kept his green card, and removal proceedings were terminated.

Description: My client came to the US in 2001. He was able to adjust his status to that of a legal permanent resident by 2003. He was convicted of arson and insurance fraud in Miami Dade, FL in 2008. As he was coming back from short trip to Peru in 2010, he was denied admission and placed in removal proceedings because he had committed a crime involving moral turpitude. Because he was a legal permanent resident since 2003, we were able to argue, in front of the immigration judge, that he was eligible for a waiver under Section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Today, after presenting relevant evidence to support his waiver, we were able to balance the equities in his favor and the request for the waiver was granted.

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