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Diana I. Castrillon

Diana Castrillon’s Legal Guides

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  • When to Hire An Attorney in A Personal Injury Case

    Step One: When do I hire an attorney When you suffer an injury in an accident, there are many things to consider and many details that need your attention. It is an extremely stressful process. Of co

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  • How to Preserve Evidence on a Bicycle Accident Case

    The police report. Hopefully, in any serious injury or death bicycle accident case, the police will be called to the scene and will conduct an investigation and prepare a police report. The police re

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  • What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation with an Attorney

    What to Bring Most important that there is to take it is a pen and a paper. You should use the consultation as a learning experience for a process that is about to begin. A lawyer can be a valuable

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