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Lourdes Esther Ferrer

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  • File a motion for discovery in a foreclosure

    I purchased a home through Broward County Online Foreclosure Bidding in May of this year ( it was foreclosed by the HOA) There's a lien for $244,000 from the previous owners and a motion for the file judgement for the foreclosure happened in Oct....

    Lourdes’s Answer

    A motion for discovery is simply answered as follows: (1) A motion is simply a formal court document filed with the Court requesting whatever action you have outlined in that are "making a motion" to the court for X,Y,Z. (2) Discovery is simply asking the court for information pertaining to the case. You must have a certain interest in the matter, to allow you to have "standing" to make such motions in a case. Difficult to comment on what another lawyer told you. However, I can tell you that filing appropriate motions with the court, will provoke additional delays in resolution of the property, because the courts need to set hearings, if necessary, and these can take several weeks, to a few months during holidays, to find resolution, warranting your having to leave your home.

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