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Alice Reiter Feld

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  • What is the Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer's?

    Dementia is the gradual deterioration of mental functioning, such as concentration, memory, and judgment, which affects a person's ability to perform normal daily activities. Dementia is a an illness that usually occurs slowly over time, and usually includes a progressive state ...

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  • Alzheimer's Survival Kit: Help For the Caregiver of a Loved One With Alzheimer's Disease

    If you have not already found it, is a wonderful website for people who are caring for the elderly. Our office is heavily-invested in supporting our clients, and the senior community overall, in dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Our web site will take you to a numbe...

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  • Living Wills and Health Care Surrogates

    Over the last several years, it has been hard to avoid hearing about the Terri Schiavo case. Though many of us would prefer to avoid it, an article in the newspaper just recently said that the Schiavo case has increased awareness regarding the importance of living wills. It has...

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  • Death and Betrayal

    We have all heard stories about skeletons coming out of the closet when a person dies, especially when it is unexpected. Spouses find out about affairs, second mortgages, secret lives etc. If you watch real crime TV (like I must confess, I do) then these stories become almost tri...

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  • Failing To Plan For The Future: Who Ends Up “Paying” For YOUR Mistake?

    I subscribe to a great many periodicals and resources regarding elderly, care giving, and financial planning for long term care needs. This particular "exchange of ideas" from care-givers really gets to me. Here are some true stories from children whose parents failed to prepare ...

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  • Estate Planning Attorneys, Elder Law Friendly DPA

    One of the biggest issues that come up in my office is clients who had their estate plan done by a traditional estate planning attorney who has not made the durable powers of attorney "Elder Law Friendly" Firstly, in general I think this is a situation where more is better. The ...

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  • Intro to Elder Law, for EP Attorneys

    What If I LIVE? The biggest fear of middle-American senior citizens is running out of money. Just ask them! As seniors are living longer, their biggest planning needs may not be estate tax or probate avoidance, but rather, planning for long-term care needs. In fact, paying for...

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