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Matthew David Bavaro

Matthew Bavaro’s Legal Guides

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  • Struggling homeowners' guide on how to choose a lawyer

    If you are being sued for foreclosure in Florida, or are struggling to make your mortgage payments, it is certainly adviseable to seek the advice of an attorney who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately economic downturn has hit lawyers just like any other profession. This has...

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  • Will I lose my home if I file for bankruptcy?

    That depends on what your goals are and how your home is treated in the bankruptcy petition. In Florida, your homestead (primary residence) is exempt from bankruptcy in most cases. So, if you are current on your mortgage(s) or even if your home is paid off, you can file for bankr...

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  • Florida foreclosure Process Step by Step

    This post is designed to help you understand how the Florida foreclosure process works step by step. 1. Here is the first step in the Florida foreclosure process. Most Florida mortgages contain a provision in paragraph 22 of the mortgage that deals with an acceleration notice. A...

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