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Sherri Simpson’s reviews

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  • Most Caring & Communicating Legal Expert in Florida

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ms. Sherri B. Simpson for ANY LEGAL Work you might need. Ms. SIMPSON IS OUTSTANDING---IN EXPERTISE, RESPONSIVNESS, COMMUNICATION, FOLLOW-UP, NEGOTIATION, HONESTY, AND GETTING ANTICPATED RESULTS FOR HER CLIENTS!!! (I started out with a terrible attorney who was not responsive, unprepared and never kept me informed. I had failed to Google him. (Had I done so, I would have found numerous customer complaints). Even though I had already paid in full and in advance $3,500, I had to make a change. I conducted an extensive search of the BEST attorneys I could find in Florida and finally found Mrs. Sheri B. Simpson. She was also highly recommended by several varying third parties (some attorneys and some customers). I also Googled her and was able to find in writing customer reviews and reviews by other attorneys. All of the reviews were positive. I met with her and went over my whole case. She listened and took notes. She didn't tell me just what I wanted to hear...she was factual and realistic. She was caring and and very helpful to my situation. It was very clear she was an expert in her field, but she made time for me through out and never brushed me off to her assistant. I got VIP service all the way through. She took my calls same day and answered my emails within 24 hours with complete, accurate and factural answers. Once, she communicated with me via' email at night because she was in court all week. In my experience with other attorneys, she routinely went beyond the call of duty to give the best service to her clients. She expalined not only what we were doing but also explained the process in detail. She took the extra time to insure that our case was prepared to the best level that it could be. She provided me extra tools that no other attorney had ever offered me---tools to help me determine the exact value of my assets---she gave me clarification and guidance that literally saved me hundreds of hours of research. She was also very accurate in her estimates with me as to what I could expect to pay regarding her legal fees. Therefore, there were NO money surprises down the road. In addition, she gave me timely advice and counsel that saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees. Further, when it came time to negotiate a settlement, not only did she have the skills of the best diplomat and negotiator, but she was able to navigate a mutually beneficial path for all sides, that led to a fair and quick settlement. I could tell in the process that she was respected by the other side as being fair, reasonable and equal in expertise. This helped to promote a fair and quick settlement. This legal affair that I went through was the single most stressful thing in my entire life, and I still THANK GOD every day for leading me to MS. SIMPSON. Not a day day goes by, that I don't think kindly toward MS. SIMPSON for the GREAT legal work, patience, compassion, helpfulness, follow-up, her timely communications with me and all the great counsel she gave me!!!! There are literally hundreds of attorneys out there and most seem to have the expertise, BUT that is NOT enough! What good is expertise if you can't communicate with your attorney? Or your attorney never calls you back? Or your attorney does not answer your emails? Or your attorney passes you off to his assistant who cant give you the correct information? Or your attorney is not prepared at trial for your case? It is my opinion that you will never have these problems with Mrs. SIMPSON. Ms. Simpson is an Expert, BUT she is ALSO VERY ATTENTIVE to the legal and Communication NEEDS of her clients!!! This is what makes MS. SIMPSON truly OUTSTANDING and among the BEST in the Industry! Charles , Delray Beach, FL

  • I only have good things to say about her…

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MOHAMED

    What an amazing lawyer this woman is! Best darn lawyer ever! she's a wonderful person.
    I only have good things to say about her. She is professional, respectful, bright as the sun in midday sky, patient, all in all everything that you would ever want in a lawyer. You won't be disappointed if you hire her. In fact, she will exceed all your expectations, she's that good.