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Sheena Alta Benjamin-Wise

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  • I entered a petition for relocation but the objection was filed past the 20 days allowed, how can I bring this up to the judge?

    i filed a petition for relocation and went to the first hearing, my husbands attorney told the judge she filed the objection. She lied to the judge because the objection was not filed till 30 days later. I had no idea and we already have a partial...

    Sheena’s Answer

    Filing the objection is critical in relocation matter. Without a proper objection, a relocation matter can be decided only in the petition. I strongly suggest you contact a family law attorney who can review the course of your litigation and determine your present position.

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  • Marital Settlement Agreement and Temporary Injunction

    As a family attorney, would you allow a client who is currently under a temporary injunction, clearly stressed and pretty much willing to sign anything to get out of it and see and talk to his kids again negotiate his/her Marital Settlement Agreem...

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    As a family law attorney, I would address the client's immediate needs to alleviate the stress and assist the client to determine the best course of action with a clearer head. Generally, signing a marital settlement agreement under the circumstances described will lead to a dissatisfactory result. A client facing such circumstances needs the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to achieve the best possible results.

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