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Michael Alan Gottlieb

Michael Gottlieb’s Answers

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  • Can they send me back to jail?

    I was sentenced to 3 years felony probation for possession. I completed my community service within 60 days. I just got a job im March this year and my fine is so behind. My termination date is December 31 2015 so my tome is running out. Can they ...

    Michael’s Answer

    The government must prove your ability to pay the fine and your failure to do so is willful. If the government meets that burden, then you can go back to jail or be re-sentenced accordingly. Your good behavior is a sentencing factor but will not necessarily get you out of a Violation of Probation if a willful violation exists.

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  • Can a grand jury return an indictment without hearing any statements from the victim or the defendant?

    My boyfriend and I were having some problems in our relationship and had separated. At one point he had allegedly broke into my apartment and accidentally stole my house phone thinking it was his cell phone. He's now charged with burglary and assa...

    Michael’s Answer

    The prosecutor decides who to call to the Grand Jury. Defendants can be invited but usually do not testify and cannot be called to testify. It is unusual that a victim is not called but in domestic cases, victim's often do not cooperate and if the State has alternative means of proving the case they can proceed without a victim.

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