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Mohammad Ahmed Faruqui

Mohammad Faruqui’s Legal Guides

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  • Registering an Aircraft Under a Delaware Holding Company

    A foreign company or national may find it convenient and economical to register their aircraft under the United States registry for their business purpose. The use of a Delaware holding company is a commonly used option for achieving this purpose. A foreign company or national m...

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  • Final Rule requiring all current U.S. registered aircraft to re-register every three years.

    Re-Register every three years A) All current U.S. registered aircraft or those registered prior to October 1, 2010 have been assigned a date on which their certificates of registration will expire.

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  • Landlord-Tenant: Security Deposits and Advance Rent

    Collecting Advance Rent 1) The landlord may require the tenant to pay rent in advance for a future rent payment period. An example might be "first and last month's rent." 2) Advance rent is not the

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  • Documents That You Should Provide to Your Bankruptcy Attorney to Get Started

    Paystubs, Bank Statements, Motor Vehicles and Mortgages 1) You should keep your last six (6) months of paycheck stubs in a folder. Be ready to submit them to your attorney via hand delivery, fax, PD

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