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Ana Isabel Gomez-Mallada

Ana Gomez-Mallada’s Answers

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  • Both the children would like to live with there mother. The father does not abuse the children but loves his next wife more.

    Custody of the children

    Ana’s Answer

    Unless there is another issue, such as a Court order requiring the children to stay with their father or finding the mother unfit , there seems to be no reason why the parents could not simply agree that from now on the children will live with their mother. If the parents are say, divorced and the children live with the father pursuant to a court order, it might just be a matter of going back to the court and asking for that to be changed, assuming both aprents agree.

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  • How to seek criminal law advise in Bahamas as an American citizen?

    My husband failed to pay his hotel bills and now the hotel took legal action against him. They arrested his workers because he is still hospitalized and now he is place on 'house arrest'. Please advise.

    Ana’s Answer

    Only an attorney licensed to practice in the Bahamas would be able to represent your husband in that jurisdiction. I would suggest
    1) you contact the Bahams Bar Association for a referral and/or
    2) If you have an attorney in your home state with whom you deal regularly, ask him/her for a referral. Even if he doesn't know anyone, he is better situated to make inquiries for you.

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