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Stewart Hartley Lapayowker

About Stewart Lapayowker

About me

Mr. Lapayowker devotes his law practice to corporate aircraft transactions.  He counsels corporate and individual clients, foreign and domestic, on issues relating to the acquisition, leasing, registration and financing of new and pre-owned jet aircraft (including fractional aircraft).  He counsels on a wide variety of aviation matters, including implementing tax efficient structures, related FAA and DOT regulatory matters, regulatory evaluation of operations, aircraft management arrangements, personal use issues and compensation-related SEC issues in connection with the use of business aircraft by public companies.

He is Past Chair of the  National Business Aviation Association’s Tax and Regulatory Committee, past Chair of its Aircraft Transactions Working Group, Vice-Chair of its Regulatory Working Group, and a member of the Aviation Law Committee of The Florida Bar.

Mr. Lapayowker has written articles and editorials, has been quoted in the press, cited to by a federal appellate court and has lectured on various topics in business aviation.


He likes to blog on


He enjoys tennis and spending time with his three children, Samantha, Jeremy and Liberty.