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Otto E. Berges

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  • LGC-What Are You Doing For Me?

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    About 10 months ago, Legal Guardian Center took over my account from a company that went out of business( a debt settlement organization specializing in settling credit card debt at a reduced amount). This company gave me excellent service and communicated with me very well in a professional & courteous manner. When LGC took over the account, I was under the impression that they also were a debt settlement company. It was only recently that I learned that they are a debt dismissal company instead, headed by Otto Berges. I still do not understand how debts are dismissed & have never received any legal advice from Mr. Berges. In fact , I have never received anything by mail until recently which was advice on paying taxes on forgiven debt (which my CPA is handling for me anyway.) I am also suspicious due to several complaints from the BBB against LGC plus the fact that LGC is not a member of the BBB. LGC does not guarantee anything. What are they doing for me ? Why have I received no legal advice? Am I paying them for nothing? I am a senior citizen with extreme financial stress & very concerned about the high payments to LGC. I am trying to do what is right but have little confidence in your services. Now is your opportunity to reassure me of something positive & prove to me that you are working in my best interests.

    Otto E. Berges’s response: “It is unfortunate that a negative review as been posted in this very public forum as any issues should have been addressed first through Guardian Legal Center. Also, if your name were public, then it would assist in you being contacted as well as ensuring that any and all issues are met with your satisfaction. If you choose not divulge your name and allow this negative comment to be present, GLC would still like to help you in any way, so please contact them at: and indicate that you are the unhappy Avvo client. Thanks and allow this to serve as the very same opportunity to reassure you of something positive.”
  • Got my the Results I wanted for My P.I. Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruce

    I told Otto I would give him a good review if he gave me good results, I am very pleased with the whole experience. The talks with the insurance company were much shorter than I ever imagined. I am very pleased with the results.

  • Need assistance from this firm please

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Debt Agreements client

    This is my only hope to get the lawyer to contact me. I been with this firm now for several months referred to by a previous law firm. However, I have yet talked to anyone within the legal department. I have had so many caseworkers I don't even know who is mine anymore. They seem to get promoted. I call several times, sent several emails, all saying I will have the legal department contact you as there is a law firm who has two of my debts. Now I found out that when you call only to get a message service who relays the message. Gee caseworkers don't even return calls from their own voice mail. Next case 8/28 caseworker said I don’t need to go to court will have a legal department call. That been on 8/9 still have not heard from anyone. Could someone please read that email and call me. Paid in full to have representative from this firm.

    Otto E. Berges’s response: “We work tirelessly to look after all of our client's legal needs and I take pride in what we do. The results speak for themselves and it is rather unfortunate that this individual did not leave their name. You can still reach me at - I am always available to speak to any clients who may want me to address any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. It truly is lamentable to have gone on this website as a "last resort" to leave negative feedback and hope once we are able to touch base and resolve anything that is pressing, that this post gets removed. I very much look forward to hearing back from you and being able to help you. Sincerely, Otto E. Bergés, Esq.”
  • Thank you Otto!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tyler

    I hired the Berges Law Firm because I had a dispute with my creditor who was harassing me, who will remain nameless, but I can tell you they are a very large bank. I met with Otto in person before having him take on my case, as it was for a large amount of money. I felt very confident after speaking to him. Otto and my legal assistant, Stefan, were very responsive whenever I had questions related to my case. Sometimes it took them longer than I expected to get a return phone call (I guess that is an attorney thing as attorneys I have hired for other legal issues in the past were much worse), but they always did return the phone call. The end result was exactly what had been explained to me - I am in a much better situation now with my loan, and I would recommend Otto and his team to anyone.

  • Otto Berges was very helpful.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JAMES

    The staff at Berges Law Group is very friendly. I spoke with Otto personally and was impressed with his knowledge on banking and regulations. I had no idea that there were that many laws what governed what banks could and couldn't do. I feel like I'm in good hands.

  • Otto is a great attorney who really helped me in pinch!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Otto was able to create a time sensitive contract between me and another party. He is a great and ethical attorney. I would highly recommend him to other people!