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Marian Audrey Lindquist

Marian Lindquist’s Legal Guides

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  • Florida Intestate Succession: What happens when a person dies with no will?

    Intestacy is a legislative will governed by Florida Statute 732.101. The most common mannerintestacy arises is when a person passes without a will, but there are other ways. Intestacy exists if you have a will that does not dispose of all assets, such as specific bequests with ...

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  • Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act

    FIRST YOU HAVE A TENANCY A tenancy is created by lease or term.If there is no lease the term is determined by how often rent is paid:weekly, monthly, etc. A Landlord cannot limit his statutory rights or liabilities in a residential lease 83.46.In Landlord-Tenant litigation the...

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