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Laramie Christian Thompson

Laramie Thompson’s Answers

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  • My son took a plea to something he did not do due to a non caring court appointed attorney that was not a state defence one and

    Just wanted to get itover with because hewas not getting payed his norm there is a lot more to this would not call a witness and I have have been told by several attorneys to file a 3850 they know a lot more then I can write in this how do I begin

    Laramie’s Answer

    Try or contact an attorney that handles Appeals.

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  • Can a really really low bail amount indicate a weak case?

    got out on a 5,000 dollar bond for manslaughter. it took them a year and 2 months till they decided to press charges......

    Laramie’s Answer

    Bonds are assessed based upon the severity of the crime, prior convictions, and flight risk (ie. ties to the community). The amounts vary depending on the circumstances. The judge basis his/her decision upon the probable cause affidavit, or police report. The strength of the prosecution's case shouldn't have any bearing on the bond amount. It's usually just the discretion of the judge.

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