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Walter John Mathews

Walter Mathews’s reviews

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  • Very helpful to me.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    Walter helped me through a difficult situation involving a company I was working for and my personal responsibilities in a fraud case. Walter was attentive to my case and questions and was always on top of the situation at hand. Helping to prepare me for depositions and all that was to come in my case, Walter was able to obtain a great result.

  • Professional And Extremely Competent - Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    The law firm of Mathews Wallace LLP represented me in a very complex securities litigation case against a corporation and its officers and directors as well as the legal firm representing them. I found Walter John Mathews and his partner Patricia Wallace to be excellent attorneys. They were professional, extremely competent and always available to discuss any and all aspects of my litigation. I would highly recommend the law firm of Mathews Wallace LLP to all of my friends and colleagues who are in need of attorney services and legal representation.

  • Having used Walter as a plaintiff and a defendant I have seen it all

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Having used Walter as a plaintiff and a defendant I have seen it all. We never lost a motion I won a large recovery in my plaintiff action and didn't pay a dime as a defendant.

  • Competent and Knowledgable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeffrey

    Mr. Mathews represented me against the United States and one other very complicated piece of litigation. He was trustworthy, responsive to my emails and telephone calls, and very knowledgeable who kept me informed during the entire litigation. He and his partner worked very hard against very difficult situations to realize successful outcomes in both of my lawsuits. I would recommend Mr. Mathews highly.

  • Strong caution advised

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Investment Fraud client

    Hired Walter for a securities case against a brokerage firm. Walter asked for both a retainer and a contingency fee. When soliciting the business he made it very clear he wanted the case, and would pursue it to the end even if it meant no recovery and a lot of time.

    As soon as the retainer agreement was signed and the check cashed, Walter's disposition changed entirely. He spent minimal time on the case and the only action taken was a demand letter to opposing counsel that was so boiler plate and devoid of facts their response was literally "the complaint is simply too vague and is virtually fact barren – lacking in specific facts for us to make a decision." Sending the demand letter was the only action Walter took during the entire 9 months of representation, besides resigning from the case.

    In addition to this lackluster advocacy, Walter did a very poor job of communication. Once the retainer was signed he did not proactively call once during the entire 9 months to provide an update (though he usually returned my periodic calls within a few days time).

    I cannot comment on Walter's knowledge of the law because we never got to the point where it was demonstrated. I can say his advocacy skills leave a lot to be desired. Opposing counsel constantly ignored agreed to deadlines and Walter's general response was to send feeble emails. I can understand why opposing counsel did not take us seriously, I would not have either if I were in their position.

    It is impossible for me not to arrive at the conclusion that Walter was eager to sign up the case in order to place a risk free bet. If his demand letter led opposition to the negotiating table, he received a big contingency % for minimal work. If (as was the case) opposition did not immediately roll over and told him instead to file a complaint (which is what he had stated to us he would do in such an event), his time was already compensated for and he resigned. It was a win-win for him with little regard for us.

    I take no pleasure in writing this review. My complaint is not about the outcome of the case, but about the caliber of the representation. I would strongly caution anyone against hiring this firm.