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U.S. v. Scott W. Rothstein

Case Conclusion Date: 09.01.2010

Practice Area: Class action

Outcome: Won forfeiture trials and restitution claims on behalf of victims of ponzi scheme.

Description: Mr. Lehrman prevailed in the firm's prosecution of criminal forfeiture and restitution claims on behalf of thirty-seven former Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler ("RRA") clients who sought to recover more than one million dollars of settlement monies that had been deposited into a trust account of the RRA law firm prior to Scott Rothstein's widely publicized theft of those monies. After the implosion of RRA, our firm agreed to represent these individuals free of charge. The court's order detailed the monies owed to them. Outside the courthouse, Mr. Lehrman commented, "This is full justice for good and deserving people." Mr. Lehrman's victory has been the subject of several media reports, including, the Sun Sentinel, Bloomberg, South Florida Business Journal, and

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