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Scott D. Smiley

Scott Smiley’s reviews

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  • Very Impressed By 2 Years Of Patent And Trademark Work With Scott

    5.0 stars

    Posted by EricaBowles

    I can not say enough positive statements about working with Scott and his team at The Concept Law Group, Scott is a knowledgeable and a very experienced attorney. He has helped me tremendously throughout the years with patenting my software.

  • One of the Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    I began working with Scott Smiley back in 2010 and continue to this day. He handles all of my patent issues worldwide, including the complex issues that come with patent enforcement. He is one of the most brilliant, strategist and caring attorneys I have dealt with. It is a comfort knowing that you are working with an attorney who truly has your best interest in mind and will continue to work hard for a positive outcome.

  • Average feedback, hiden costs

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Marius

    I worked with Scott when he was still with Mayback & Hoffman. He helped in writing a patent application back in 2010.
    I am writing the review only now as I have a better understanding of the matters, and I felt that at that time I was not in position to evaluate him.
    Looking back, few things to mention:
    - felt very much like supporting me all they way to make a "big" patent, involving lots of writing. As back then my experience with such matters were almost zero, i did not know what was important and what not. Reading now the application, it doesn't look as it should have been
    - even though I had a declared budget, the background work went silent until a bill that exceeded the budget hit my inbox. Senseless to mention that there was no room for challenging this
    - having worked since with other (European based) patent attorneys, I can say there is a difference in the quality of the service I received

    as a separate note: Mayback & Hoffman as a company is no part of the review, my experience with them was excellent


    Scott D. Smiley’s response: “Marius, I regret that you have these concerns, but thank you for voicing them in such a professional manner. Your case presented some very difficult technical issues that I, as your patent attorney, had to deal with. Due to my duty of confidentiality, I cannot be any more specific, but believe you remember them. I did my best to keep you informed of what was necessary and the time required draft a patent with a high probability of being allowed. From the tone of your message, it sounds like it was, in fact, allowed, at least in Europe. Obtaining the broadest patent possible for a client is complex negotiation with the government. It often does look less complicated once you make it through than it did when we started. I wish much success with your product and your patent. Sincerely, Scott Smiley”
  • Unparalleled Professionalism & Superior Customer Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    As a first time inventor seeking intellectual property and trademark protection, I never felt more sincerely supported and confident than in Attorney Smiley's skillful care. He delivers a highly professional, proficient, and efficient service for a highly complex and daunting process -- and with a sense of humor to boot! There are truly no better professional outfits around than Scott Smiley and his exceptional IP Law Group. You are guaranteed a seamless and satisfying customer care experience Thank you, Scott and Crew!

  • Managing Member, Salon Supplements, LLC

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Trademark Application client

    Thank you for all your help and guidance. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency provides us with great comfort. We will be using you here on out for all our Patent and TM needs.

  • None Better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    I have patented two products with this attorney. He is very friendly and personable. If he is not available, he gets back to you very quickly. He's called me back on Friday night after hours and also on the weekend. Also, he does not nickle and dime you. I've had attorneys that charge me for every second of their time. Scott is definitely not that way. I completely trust him without hesitation. Seriously, I could not invent a better attorney.

  • Scott Smiley ,Esq Review

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Copyright Application client

    “I originally told Scott my concerns in protecting a valuable event idea that was vulnerable and subject to unauthorized use by many organizations and cities in the State of Florida. Scott knew exactly what course of action was needed. He prepared all the necessary documents in a timely manner and made my involvement very simple. Scott provided a Florida Trademark Registration. I will undoubtedly contract with Scott in the near future for additional Trademark registrations.”

  • eboatloans

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Intellectual Property client

    “As the owner of a cutting-edge e-commerce company (Eboatloans, Inc.), it was important that we work with an attorney that not only understood his area of expertise but also grasped our innovative proprietary technology and it's applications. Scott was very easy to work with, professional, and I’d strongly recommend him as I often have in the past. Best regards, Rick Lowe”