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Kenneth David Padowitz

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  • What do I need to say in order for my waiver of prosecution to be effective in a 3rd degree felony DV case in Fl?

    An argument, got out of control, I called the police, told them only what he did, not what I had done, that I was participating also. He was given a felony for strangulation as he covered my mouth to stop me screaming. His first offense, the judg...

    Kenneth’s Answer

    I am frequently faced with this issue from my clients on Domestic Violence arrests. Hiring an experienced criminal trial lawyer is essential to resolve this situation for the best result. There are legal strategies that your lawyer can use to ensure the context of your actions are effectively communicated to the prosecutor. Your testimony concerning this situation is evidence that must be considered by the State. I frequently ensure justice is done by aggressive advocacy on behalf of my client tempered with the law and extensive experience.

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