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Zamora v. Florida Atlantic Board of Trustees

Case Conclusion Date: 01.04.2008

Practice Area: Employment and labor

Outcome: Jury verdict for plaintiff. $200,000 FCRA cap.

Description: Plaintiff, a computer and systems administrator at Florida Atlantic University, sued his former employer for age discrimination, national origin discrimination and retaliation, claiming he was paid less and was denied promotions and other opportunities that younger, non-Hispanic colleagues, and those who had not complained of discrimination, were able to take advantage of. The jury returned a verdict for plaintiff on the age and retaliation claims and awarded him $120,596, which was reduced by the trial court to $86,297. The trial court awarded plaintiff's attorneys a total of $160,003 as attorney fees, $1,895.74 in additional litigation expenses and $20,064.54 as recoverable costs. On appeal, plaintiff challenged the $100,000 "cap" on recovery (which includes damages, costs, litigation expenses and attorneys' fees) that some courts had held applies to Florida Civil Rights Act cases. The appeals court upheld the cap, but ruled that plaintiff could recover $100,000 on his discrimination claim and another $100,000 for his retaliation claim, for a total of $200,000.

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