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Jonathan Edgar Pollard

Jonathan Pollard’s Legal Guides

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  • Florida Non-Compete Agreements & Sale of a Business

    When a business is sold, there is usually a non-compete agreement: As a condition of the sale, the seller agrees to exit the market in a certain geographic location and for a certain period of time. S

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  • Employee Poaching & Raiding and Non-Compete Agreements

    Florida non-compete lawyer Jonathan Pollard discusses considerations related to employee poaching or raiding and non-compete agreements. This discussion addresses the widespread use of non-compete ag

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  • Tips for Navigating Florida Non-Compete Agreements

    In today's business world, non-compete agreements have become increasingly common. Employers frequently threaten former employees with litigation over breaching such agreements. This guide provides some tips for navigating the stressful process of leaving your company under a non-compete.

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