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M. Wayne Patton

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  • I changed a price tag in a shirt, but I regreted and leave it at the store without buying it,

    I bought other items and paid with my ccard And ID. I notice that the manager was around the register with the shirt and ask me if I want to buy it anymore, I said no. I left the store , i am very nervios they have me on cámara. Can i be change...

    M.’s Answer

    As a practical matter, if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this matter. Technically, depending on the evidence the store has (e.g. video footage), you could probably be charged with attempted shoplifting, attempted fraud, or with some sort of vandalism. Many issues will come into play in determining whether or not one gets charged with a crime, but if you weren't stopped and questioned while you were in the store, it seems unlikely that you will be charged as a practical matter (not a legal opinion).

    Learn a very important lesson from this: What you are feeling is obviously very bad. How would you feel if you were actually caught shoplifting? The consequences can be severe.

    Here's the legal opinion part: If anyone does seek you out to ask questions about this incident, exercise your right to remain silent. Don't say anything or answer any potentially incriminating questions, and seek the counsel of a competent criminal defense attorney at that time.

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  • Sales tax related question in regards to collecting such on a new business I am starting.

    I am a bit confused as to what taxes I am required to collect both locally, State and Federal for a new business that I am starting. I am starting an answering service in Florida, we will provide in-bound and out-bound calling services. Out pric...

    M.’s Answer

    To get a basic understanding of the state-level tax requirements, I recommend checking out this website and then consulting a local tax attorney and/or CPA:

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  • Will set up in life trust.

    real property is gifted in three equal shares, however one of the three parties is leasing the land from previous trustee, what rights does the other two parties have to revoke the lease

    M.’s Answer

    Tough to answer this based on the facts presented. First, is the property held in a trust or is it owned by the three parties as tenants in common? If it's still in trust, who was the previous trustee, what happened to her/him, and who is currently serving as trustee? What are the terms of the lease?

    Depending on the answers to these questions and the terms of the actual lease, the other two parties may have to honor the lease, but if the transaction was somehow a breach a trust, maybe not.

    You need to have the lease, the trust, the last will, and any other relevant documents examined by a local attorney to get a more definite answer.

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