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Robert Dixon’s reviews

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  • Professional and efficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gustavo Hermida

    I met Mr. Dixon at a networking group some years ago, and when I was involved in an accident, I engaged in his services. He showed great empathy about my case and was very knowledgeable and detailed about my case. His team kept me informed about the progress on my case and always displayed a very pleasant attitude.
    We settled the case in time, I would recommend using Robert for anyone looking for professional and efficient representation..

  • Very happy with the outcome!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly Demedeiros

    I had gotten into a car crash December 12, 2014. A day after my birthday. Sucks, I know :(
    I came across 4-11 Pain and got linked up with Mr. Dixon and his assistant Soraya. The accident was very complicated due to my boyfriend being the one driving, he didn't have any form of insurance and the other party involved didn't either. Also, the accident was my boyfriend's fault. I suffered a broken ankle that required surgery and my car was a total loss. Discouraged thinking that I was going to get sued left and right and I was not going to get compensated for my injuries and the hospital was going to dig me 6 feet under ground due to their bill, Soraya (Mr. Dixon's assistant) presented me with AMAZING news after working my case for a couple of months. The hospital settled for an amount State Farm presented to them with which then made my hospital bill go down to a 0 balance, my vehicle that was a total loss was fully paid for, and I received a settlement that was totally unexpected that I was extremely content with.

    I don't know what Mr. Dixon and Soraya did to make this miracle work but I do NOT regret my decision in hiring them as the team to work my case. My family and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort both of them had put into my case. Thank you sooooo much!

  • Great experience

    4.0 stars

    Posted by George

    I am very happy with the outcome of my wife's automobile accident case. Originally, we thought we did not have a case, but when we met with Mr. Dixon, we knew we had hired a great lawyer. He kept us up to date of everything that was going on with the case. The staff were very helpful and professional. He saw the value of my case and fought relentlessly to get the best result for my wife. I would recommend Robert Dixon as an attorney to anyone that gets into a car accident.

  • Quality attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    I was recommended Mr. Dixon by a friend of mine. First met him and very knowledgeable and very detailed about my case. His assistant Meily always kept me informed about my case and every time I called she was extremely pleasant. The case did settle in average time, but I would recommend using Mr. Nixon and his office for being informative, knowledgeable, patient and quality service.

  • Law offices of Robert Dixon are # 1

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    There are not enough words to describe how thoughtful and trustworthy the Law offices of Robert Dixon were to me.

    I'm glad I chose Mr. Dixon to represent me for my case. The entire law firm was great and professional; I am very satisfied and pleased with the good legal representation and efficiency received from his office. Everything went as smooth as possible.

    I needed an attorney like Mr. Dixon who was aggressive when negotiating on my behalf. Thanks to Mr. Dixon, his colleagues and office staff I received a bigger settlement than I expected.

    I will always recommend all of my family and friends to seek them for legal advice and representation.
    Thank you Mr. Dixon and your office staff for all the time, dedication and hard work you put into my case to have the outcome you provided.

  • An honest professional!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric, Vince, Jaime

    Following our auto injuries in downtown Miami back in 2009, the party at fault changed their story in court before our very eyes. They contradicted what had really happened at the scene of the accident. Worried of some trouble coming our way, we sought legal assistance. Enter Robert Dixon. A young, clean-cut chap that oozed objectivity and professionalism; and soon squashed our courtroom worries with a constant barrage of “No problem” followed by legal savvy that he made understandable to our common English—and we threw lots of problems at him concerning our case. For those reasons my friends and I decided to trust and hire him. Smartest legal decision of our lives, as we soon learned what good hands we were in.
    The day after our initial meet with Mr. Dixon everything from medical bills to vehicle repairs to settlement issues were being well handled, and he and his team provided us with accurate numbers for it all. A week or so later, my friend’s car was good as new. Didn’t cost us a penny; despite the fact that the insurance company was being difficult due to reasons I won’t specify, which posed quite a complication for us—but for Mr. Dixon: “No problem”. A few short months later, all medical bills were taken care of and our settlement came back higher than had been expected, needless to get into specifics on that either.
    I will close with saying that Mr. Dixon will call a spade a spade. He’s truthful, straightforward, honest, knowledgeable, and is a lawyer I would always seek legal assistance from.

  • He will fight for your case all the way!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alba Lorenzo

    Robert R. Dixon was my mothers lawyer after suffering an accident in an automobile on. November 2010 and It settle in September 2011. He is a very proffecional young lawyer and he explained everything very clearly from the beginning to me and my mother. His staff was friendly and on point in all the details and the paperwork needed to get the best benefits for my mother after she suffered from major injuries that are going to be her for the rest of her life. We got the results we wanted thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Robert R. Dixon. I will recommend him to all my family and friends in the future!

  • Best Attorney In Miami!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sory

    When I hired Attorney Dixon I had my doubts, he look too young, I thought he did not have the experience I was looking for. Oh boy was I wrong !!!! He has an excellent law firm, and a very polite and professional staff. From day one I was treated with respect and always felt that my case was very important to his firm. He was always professional, on time, respectful, and reliable. He was always there to explain things in understandable terms and was good at keeping me up to date with all processes involved with my claim. Mr. Dixon is truly an amazing attorney that cares and works hard to get the results that we deserve as clients. I am very grateful to Robert and his staff. I would recommend anyone who has been seriously injured to contact Robert immediately for the help, support, and the legal guidance that he is able to provide.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janina

    Robert Dixon is by far the best attorney that I could have hired for my case. I have already recommended him and will continue to recommend him to all of my friends and family members due to the following reasons:
    - First of Robert Dixon and his staff are super friendly, understanding and very professional.
    - I felt comfortable explaining my situation to him as he and his team are very knowledgeable.
    - They knew immediately what to do next and provided me with all of the details for my case.
    - They kept in contact throughout the entire timeframe and kept me updated on a constant basis.
    With all of the above facts I must say that they have done all of the work and more to an extend where I did not have to spend any of my time following up nor any time asking questions as they were all answered for me at the beginning.
    In the past I spend a lot of time having to follow up with other attorneys but in this case I did not.
    I can only recommend this attorney as he and his firm will get the job done and shoot for the stars!
    Not to mention that what I expected out of this case was not even close to what they delivered.
    I was speechless and am writing this review for everyone to stop wasting time looking for attorneys and use this attorney if you believe that sky is the limit.
    Thank you Robert and Team for taking such great care of me!
    I could have not made a better choice for myself!

  • Smooth Process

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathan

    I was injured in a car accident on I-95 and my car was destroyed. I never had any experience with a personal injury attorney and Robert was recommeded to me so I signed up with him. My case was very smooth, I followed the treatment plan from my doctor, my back pain went away, and I received a settlement check. Overall it was a very stress free process.