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Attempt at being hometowned backfires in bad faith case.

Case Conclusion Date: 11.16.2007

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $50,128,000.00 - Jury Verdict (Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA)

Description: This was a case rejected by two other firms. A drunk driver in Lakeland, Florida crossed to wrong side of the road and hit our client. Young boy - sitting behind driver was injured so badly that he had grey matter (part of his brain) seeping out of his head onto the back seat of the automobile. MRI clearly showed that part of his brain was missing as a result of this accident. A major insurance company covered the drunk driver with a $10,000/$20,000 policy. They paid a third party's property damage but failed to tender the policy limits to our client - who was fighting for his life! This resulted in a Bad Faith case against the insurance company and therefore Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA were able to bypass the limited policy amounts.

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