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Stewart Gary Greenberg

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  • Can i sue my landlord for person injury.

    I moved in a unit on november 31,2011. it was inspected by section 8 housing,but december 16,2011 at 5 am i was awakened by pounding on my door. As i went down the steps and reached the floor I sliped and when flying and hurt myself.The water heat...

    Stewart’s Answer

    Whether or not the owner is liable for your fall will depend on a number of factors. First, how do you know that the water heater was last inspected in 1998? Even if you can't prove that it has been that long, an investigation into the heater, it's repair/leak history and how long that heater had been in place versus it's life expectancy can be conducted.

    As with any negligence case, an injured person must prove three things. Fault - that someone was negligent; damages - how badly are you hurt and what losses have you sustained or will you suffer in the future, and; causation - that the alleged negligence caused your damages.

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