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Roberto Remigio Pardo

Roberto Pardo’s Answers

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  • I am looking for a lawyer to take a case pro bono. For a friend of miine who is in Miami. This is a life/death situation

    I am begging for help for him because I don't want to see an innocent man convicted

    Roberto’s Answer

    I respectfully disagree with my esteemed colleauges. A public defender/regional counsel is not a pro-bono attorney. they represent indigent clients and are appointed by the Court to represent clients. A pro bono attorney is an attorney willing to take on a client at no charge. They are usually
    In private practice, and take on a project because of a request by someone like yourself. I suggest that you write a factual proffer, indicating why you believe this individual is innocent. Please be specific as to his name and case number, so interested attorneys can research his case to see if they are interested. Absent an attorney agreeing to take the case for free, the Public Defender or Regional Counsel will represent them.
    Good luck!

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