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Glenn Jay Holzberg

Glenn Holzberg’s Legal Guides

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  • How to maximize Damages in your Personal Injury case.

    This guide is designed to explain in general but focused terms, how to get the most out of your personal injury case before filing suit and once in a lawsuit. What to do When you are injured. Your 1s

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  • Recognizing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in Auto and Slip and Fall Cases

    The Initial Client Interview will reveal your first and best clues. Always conduct your initial interview yourself. Mild traumatic brain injuries are subtle in presentation. Your client appears norma

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  • What to Do If You Were Injured on a Cruise

    Save Your Ticket: It’s a Binding Contract The ticket imposes several limitations and restrictions on your right to sue and notice requirement that must be given or your suit may be forever barred. T

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