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David William Lipcon

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  • How do I get my lawyer to communicate with me regarding the status of my personal injury case?

    My case was in a STAY. But I was told that it is now out of this status. My lawyer spoke to me only once in 2008. He said he would speak with me in February, but I have not been able to speak to him directly. How do I get his attention? I only wan...

    David’s Answer

    When you hire a lawyer, you should expect that he or she will keep you reasonably informed about the status of your legal matter. Your lawyer should also promptly comply with reasonable requests for information. He or she should explain things so you have the information you need to make informed decisions.
    Remember that reasonable communication might not mean immediate or constant communication, depending on the circumstances.

    If communication with your lawyer breaks down, I suggest that you write a letter to your lawyer. You should send your letter by return-receipt certified mail and keep a copy. Tell him/her in the letter that you are concerned about your case and would like to speak to him/her personally. State your specific concerns. Make sure you include that you are concerned that the lawyer has not been communicating with you.

    Another method is to schedule an appointment with the attorney to meet in person.

    If all fails, and the attorney refuses to communicate, you need to seriously think about finding other representation. Good communication is essential in an attorney client relationship.

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  • DUI

    Recently I was driving down I-95 in a rural area in the middle of the night. There was a drunk driver that was being followed by a van with 8 people in it. He hit a guard rail after driving like a crazy man and ended up in the middle lane where he...

    David’s Answer

    Unfortunately it is difficult to put a value on your case without first seeing your medical records and a copy of the police report. I would need to know more about you health prior to this accident as well. As a rule, insurance companies are required to act "in good faith" when negotiating a claim. With that being said, what is good faith to one is not always good faith to another!

    Most importantly, you should continue to treat with your doctors, as spinal injuries can be very serious.

    If you feel you have hit a dead end in negotiating with this company, I suggest you contact an attorney experienced in cases such as these to help you with your claim. Although in Miami, I would be happy to discuss your case with you further.

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