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Jesus Novo III

Jesus Novo’s Legal Cases

2 total

  • The Doe's vs. Confidential

    Practice Area:
    Personal injury
    Oct 01, 1999
    six figure settlement
    Family of deceased sued Cemetery for violation of implied warranty and negligent infliction of emotional distress as a consequence of coffin being washed away by underground river in cemetery.
  • State of Florida vs. Jardiel Azcue, 432065X

    Practice Area:
    DUI and DWI
    Not Guilty Verdict
    Client was charged with violating Florida Statutes 316.193 DUI, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs with injuries and property damage. The case arose out of an accident on Alton Road in Miami Beach where my client and a taxicab collided. My client was driving Eastbound on the Westbound lane. Motions were filed to Suppress some evidence. After negotiations with prosecution to reduce charge to a Reckless Driving failed, case was set for trial. On 7/21/1998 we picked a jury and had a full blown trial. My client testified on his behalf. After less than 45 minutes, the jury returned a Not-Guilty verdict on the DUI.