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Isaac Benmergui

About Isaac Benmergui

About me

Who I Am:
I'm a Miami Real Estate Attorney. I believe your lawyer should be your partner in helping you build a better business and living. As part of that philosophy, I emphasize being proactive and essentially practicing preventive law: I want my clients to get it in writing, document everything and keep accurate, comprehensive records. When you have a question or a legal problem, talk to me as soon as possible. By becoming involved early in the process, it is often possible for me to resolve matters more efficiently, thus keeping the legal process short and your overall costs down.

Who I Help:
As a Miami Real Estate Attorney I help businesses, homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and others in the business, real estate and construction industries with Foreclosure & foreclosure defense, Leases & leasing law, Title & property rights law, Commercial real estate law, Closings, Loan modifications, Bankruptcy and Condominium law.

How I Help:
I provide the tools for you when entering into a real estate transaction to help you avoid the many legal pitfalls from the very beginning.

If you have any questions please give me a call at (786) 800-2510.

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