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Maggie Arias

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  • I need a criminal defense ASAP my budget isn't that big but I have one. I need someone experienced in Armed kidnapping.. I need

    someone who is able to file a motion for me. Please contact me asap this is urgent

    Maggie’s Answer

    Armed kidnapping is a 1st degree felony. Your budget is definitely an issue but I think if you are charged with this offense and have not been able to hire an attorney, you should immediately notify the Court, your judge, that you wish to fill out a financial affidavit or application for a public defender. I know that most people believe Public Defenders are not good lawyers. That is a myth. They are trial lawyers, they deal with serious crimes every day and in Miami, the PD's office is known world-wide for its intense training and high-quality representation. I don't know anything about your case other than you've been charge with a serious offense. You should have the benefit of a consultation with an experienced attorney. I was an assistant public defender for nearly 6 years. I've been in private practice since 2010. To review your case, I would need to see your arrest form, criminal record (if any), and sit with you and have a candid conversation.
    Finally, I am not certain what stage of your case you're currently in, but you will definitely need a lawyer, not just for a motion, but for complete, comprehensive representation. You need advice, and for that, you will need an attorney-client relationship. A motion will only one of the many things your attorney can do for you. Whether you qualify for the services of the Public Defender, or whether you are able to hire private counsel, sit and speak with an attorney about your case, your goals, and understand this process so that you can make informed decisions about important matters. My name is Maggie Arias and you can visit my website at I can be reached at 305-934-9024 if you wish to make an appointment. Best of luck on your search. You're not alone.

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