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Maggie Arias

About Maggie Arias

About me


My successful litigation of criminal cases depends entirely on me, on my work ethic, trial preparation, research, on my negotiation with prosecutors, relationships with the various judges and judicial assistants, and on the tenacious pursuit of something better for my client, than whatever ordinary offer the State has on the table. If clients have cases that one day may go to trial, they choose me because of my renown ability to be prepared, organized, and properly handle cases for trial.


My client’s success in any given criminal accusation hinges on my extraordinarily thorough review of evidence as well as my experience and skill in trial litigation. What makes me unique is that, unlike other firms which handle hundreds of cases, I only take on a certain number of cases at a time in order to dedicate full concentration to doing the best possible job for the clients of my firm.  My practice embodies a focused approach in preparation, investigation, motion practice and trial presentation.


I am unique in the way I practice criminal defense because I devote enormous attention to each case, often changing the momentum of a case, and giving clients the attention typically not received elsewhere.  My knowledge of how to best present a case to a jury is something that my peers in the legal community have recognized me for and something for which I am extremely proud given the industry in which I practice. Clients know that I fight hard, a reputation that surrounds the entire case and affects perceptions of all those involved, even opposing counsel.  The perception that a well-prepared, well-read, and ready-for-trial attorney is handling a particular case often creates outstanding resolution opportunities.


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