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Kuvin v. City of Coral Gables

Case Conclusion Date: 08.25.2010

Practice Area: Constitutional

Outcome: Ordinance held constitutional / Laws later amended

Description: Kuvin challenged zoning ordinance which prohibited the paring of his personal use pick-up truck at his home in Coral Gables after 7pm. The three judge panel found the ordinances were unconstitutional in that they were not rationally related to any legitimate government interest (2-1). Three years later the holding of the three judge panel was overturned and the ordinance was held to be constitutional. The Florida Supreme Court denied review. However, after the threat of future litigation, the City referred the question to the residents. In November of 2012 the question was put tomthenvoters; whether the ordinances should be changed to allow the parking of personal use pickup trucks in the City at night. A strong majority of the residents of Coral Gables voted to change the laws.

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