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Mr. and Mrs Jane and John Doe v. Florida Doctor

Practice Area: Medical malpractice

Outcome: The case settled on the eve of starting trial.

Description: My client, a 29 year old married man wtih a young son at the time, severely sprained his ankle while working for a railroad comapny. My cllient immediately went to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, where x-rays revealed no fracture or structural damage to his ankle. His employer then sent him to a Podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment for his injured ankle. Over the course of months, the Podiatrist continuously concluded that my client's x-rays revealed that he had a fractued ankle. As it turned out, our investigation revealed that the Podiatrist had mistaken an accessory bone in client's ankle for a fracture. As a result of the Podiatrist incorrectly interpreting the x-rays, he operated on my client's ankle twice making his condition markedly worse with each surgey. After the surgeries, my Client's ankle became permanently stiff, arthritic and he will likely walk with limp for the rest of his life.

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