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Ronald Albert Marini

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  • Can my immigrant wife bring he savings to the us without tax implications?

    I am living in central america and married my wife 2 years ago. We are planning to go through the process of obtaining her green card so we can live in the usa (nashville tennessee). She has a bank account here with about 270,000usd in it. Can s...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Where your wife was not a US resident nor US citizen, during these year(s) , which she earned or acquired the $270,000 of non-US source proceeds; there is no US tax exposure for this amount.

    Where she later becomes the US resident, there is no tax issues preventing her from bringing her $270,000 and depositing it into a new US bank account.

    Where both you and your wife have signature authority over this new account, it could be perceived as a gift from her to you of one half of the value; however, there is no US gift tax on gifts between spouses.

    So relax, go by your house in Nashville and the wish all taxpayers had such easily explainable questions and solutions.


    Ronald a Marini, ESQ

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  • If I am Canadian, but am living in the U.S. as a permanent resident, will I be taxed on any inheritance I receive from Canada?

    I am a beneficiary in my mother's will. When she passes, will I have to pay taxes on my portion, since I live in the U.S, but only as a permanent resident, not a citizen?

    Ronald’s Answer

    The US will not tax your inheritance from your Canadian mother, whether you are a US citizen or just a US permanent resident. However, make sure that you file form 3520 report of nontaxable inheritance from a foreigner or you could be subject to 25% (of value which you inherited) penalty solely for failing to file your NON TAXABLE INHERITANCE.

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  • I am on SSI,can the IRS take property from me for back taxes?

    My stepfather recently died.He left me a acre of land.It is currently in my mothers name. Now I have been disabled for years with kidney failure.Before I got sick I was self employed and owed back taxes to the IRS. From my understanding this is ...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Does have the right to levy on any property which is in your name in order to collect back taxes which you owe it to the IRS.

    You can contact your local IRS office and request that your tax debt be classified as hardship, since collection of the tax could impact your ability to exist.

    I hope this helps you.

    Very truly yours

    Ronald A. Marini, Esquire

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