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Richard Sierra

Richard Sierra’s Legal Guides

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  • The Reality of Business Litigation

    As a business lawyer, I've represented numerous clients in business litigation matters. I'd like to share with you my thoughts on what I call the "Reality" of business litigation. Business Litigati

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  • La Mediación es una herramienta eficaz en la resolución de las disputas entre negocios.

    Seamos realistas! La litigacin es costosa. Frecuentemente represento a clientes quienes estn involucrados en una demanda empresarial como demandante o demandado. Mientras evalo estos casos, pienso en escenarios posibles para resolver la disputa y busco la manera ms eficiente para...

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  • Mediation is an effective tool to resolve business disputes.

    Mediation is an effective tool to resolve business disputes. Let's face it. Business litigation is expensive. I frequently represent clients who are involved in business litigation as plaintiffs or defendants. As I evaluate these cases, I begin to think of possible scenarios to ...

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  • Partnerships… For better or for worse…

    During the course of my practice, I have represented clients who filed suit against former partners for breach of contract and other claims. Among the most common claims include when one of the partners embezzled money from the company or one partner kicked out the other from the...

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  • Commercial Leases…It’s all in the fine print.

    During the course of my practice I am often surprised about how many business owners are willing to enter into a commercial lease without the assistance of an attorney. Unless you are in a home-based business, chances are that you will enter into a lease for your business. Other ...

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