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Rory Kenny Rohan

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Devona

    I contacted the law firm in December of 2014 after the mortgage company began foreclosure on my property and I truly believed that I was going to lose my home and that nothing could be done to save it. I'm a single mother of three kids and I was sure I would be losing my home and I was hopeless. From the first contact with the law firm they gave me hope and reassured me that, they would fight for me and help keep me and my kids in my home. Every worry, every concern and every doubt I would have during the entire 7 months was met with positivity and reassurance. The law firm answered all my questions regardless of what I asked. I always felt like the firm cared and Juan was always a email away with quick responses. August 2015 I received the news that my home was no longer going to be foreclosed on and my case was out of the courts. I am thankful that I choose the right firm to represent me and I just happened to find them on a Google search. I would would highly recommend the firm to anyone who wants to save their home, I was treated like I mattered and that's very important when your going up against a mortgage company with dozens of lawyers working for them.

    Thank you Sunshine State Law Group...

    Sunrise, Fl.

    Hired attorney
  • On the Ball during a most important negotiation!!! Roxanna, Juan, and certainly Rory

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Delighted Client

    An amazing group that has a collective knowledge that is better than all other firms combined.
    At a most important time (and after already getting us over 3 additional years in a Property) the quick thinking of this group allowed for a vital extension which allowed us to save our home.
    Game Over
    Thank you!

  • Sunshine State Law Group Saved Our Home, Reduced Our Rate, Payment and Principal Balance!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Clare and Rider Talbot

    Sunshine State Law Group saved our home.

    The bank denied our modification requests. We had had a medical emergency, our income dropped by a significant amount. They (the bank) repeatedly told us our requests were incomplete, out of date, and needed to be submitted again. After several months of this I contacted Sunshine State Law Group for help.

    During this time we got caught up on our mortgage payments, and were no longer late, but the bank sent pre-foreclosure paperwork to us anyway.

    When the bank filed for foreclosure on our home, Sunshine State Law Group was there for us. They went to court fighting against the wrongful foreclosure, and ultimately, doing what we could not do for ourselves, getting our mortgage modified. The modification Sunshine State Law Group was able to get us reduced our mortgage payment by $729.00 per month, reduced our interest rate from 6.5% to 2.00% for the life of the loan and reduced our principal balance by $131, 508.92.

    Thanks to Sunshine State Law Group we have kept our home. This goes beyond competence, they were there for us.


  • Principal Reduction In The Amount Of: $318,367.11

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick and Judy Polemarakis

    April 16, 2015

    Last year at this time, my wife and I decided we needed to try and do something about our mortgage. Our house was way underwater, and we were in danger of going into foreclosure. We are in our mid-seventies, and have health problems.

    We found the Sunshine State Law Group on line, and I arranged to meet with them to discuss our circumstances.

    I was a little apprehensive at first, but as time went on, things started to look encouraging. I gave them all the paperwork they asked for and they were very helpful. When we were discouraged because it was taking so long, they put our minds at ease and said leave it to them and good things were going to happen. After 8 months, we got a letter from our mortgage company letting us know our payment would be reduced by $1,000 a month. They are also reducing the principal balance we owe.

    All this happened because of the continuous efforts of Juan Pacheco and Roxanna Rodriquez. Because of these two people, we are able to stay in our house, and we are so happy and thankful.

    We would recommend this company and these two professionals to anyone who needs help with their mortgage.


    Nick and Judy

  • Thank you for saving our first home

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela Gomez

    We bought our house in October 2006, when the housing market was at the highest peak, and signed an 80/20 loan. The 80% loan had an adjustable interest rate fluctuating between 8% and 15% and the 20% loan had a 14.125% fixed interest rate. We were paying approximately $2000 a month in interest only payments for a 3 bed 2 bath home. After the housing market crashed we were upside down on our mortgage and unable to refinance with our rate adjusting every 6 months. We applied for many loan modifications on our own without success. After many failed attempts for a modification, my husband and I decided to hire a law firm in 2010 to help us. Sunshine State Law Group (Juan, Roxie, Heather and Mr. Rohan) helped us save our home. First, Mr. Rohan helped us settle our 20% loan with a discounted offer which the bank accepted on 2012. In the meantime Juan and Roxie were helping us get our 80% loan modified. At the same time Mr. Rohan replied to motions, claims, attended hearings and depositions, etc. In the summer of 2014 I was certain we were going to lose our home but that following November, Juan and my husband convinced me to apply for a loan modification one more time. We finally received a trial modification offer of $1212 per month including taxes and insurance. We were so happy we accepted it immediately (first reasonable offer in 5 years). We finished our trial modification on March 2015 and signed our permanent modification in April 2015. We want to thank the Sunshine State Law Group for their patience and help throughout this tedious process.

    From: Angela and Christopher


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy Reitzel

    "I contracted with Sunshine State Law Group to help me with the foreclosure of an investment rental property. Rory Rohan and his team of legal experts were very knowledgeable and explained the alternative options available to me so that I could make an informed decision. They saved me money and helped to mitigate the long term consequences of having to foreclose. Don't try to navigate the foreclosure maze alone, I recommend the Sunshine State Law Group to avoid making costly mistakes."



    5.0 stars

    Posted by Molly Thompson

    I have had the profound opportunity to continue to remain in my home, provide a safe haven not only for myself and spouse, but to continue raise my children, due to the dedication and tireless work by the Team at Sunshine State Law. I remember my first conversation with Juan where he assured me complete transparency and open communication. Then I spoke to Roxanne as I doubted that they would be able to save my home. And her response was, and I quote " you don't know atty Rohan". I thank God everyday for what he has done, and for leading me to partner with these individuals. Thank you Juan, Roxanne, Heather and Atty Rohan. May God continue to bless you all. .. M.Thompson

  • We Won and Your Needs Always Come First

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra Blake

    Sunshine State Law Group is wonderful, very professional but most important they always make you feel important to them. I spent the last 5 years trying to get a modification for our home with the only result was from the mortgage company was foreclosure papers. I was blessed to have Rory, Roxanne & Juan to take my case, they were able to deal with the mortgage company, we settled and we have our home. The group is wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for all their help. Thanks again, Sandy

  • Your Needs Come First

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris Clemens

    My husband and I were in dire need of help and did not know where to turn. We had worked on our own with our mortgage company for a year trying to get a modification. After watching my husband beat his head against the wall trying to accomplish this, I suggested we hire an attorney and put it all in their hands.

    He did some investigating and picked Sunshine Law Group. They were close and had a good record. We were impressed with them and our treatment not only of our case but of us. They took over everything and the foreclosure was stopped. No more phone calls no more hassle. We had an attorney now and that's all we had to say. All paperwork was faxed to them and they handled it. They kept us informed and we stayed in our house.

    The end result was we were modified lower than our wildest dreams we had started out at a mortgage we could no longer afford to one that was absolutely doable including taxes and insurance. Juan and Roxanna worked closely with us, and we were confused at several points we went to their office and they explained everything step by step.

    If you are looking for a good and honest law firm that puts YOUR needs first look no further than SUNSHINE LAW GROUP you will not be sorry!!

    Chris and Gwen C

  • The Best of The Best Attorneys in Florida

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Koki Kubo

    We got into financial difficulty on September 2010, it was mainly due to the high mortgage payment of over $1,700 per month. We received this mortgage on May 2007, when the housing market was the highest, but just before it crashes on Aug 2008. We had to work 3 jobs between my wife and myself to come up with monthly payment, yet we ended up with over $27K credit cards debt’s in the next 3 years in order to keep up with our daily life. When we ran out of our available balance in our credit cards, we have defaulted our mortgage. Sunshine State Law Group, which we found on the website, helped us not to go to foreclosure since October 2010. They were very friendly and personal, they walk me through entire loan modification process and foreclosure defense for almost 4 years, it took us long not because of their fault, but it is because we could not accept the term and modification that Bank has offered. We have made some unreasonable requests to the office, but their staffs were extremely patient with us and stand behind us. At the end, we were able to drop our monthly payment to $1,200 per month, which helped us to regain our financial situation and able to keep our house and protect our family’s life style. As far as I know, in my immediate neighbors alone at least 10 families lost their houses and foreclosed in the past 4 years. Many of them just pack and leave without fighting. Now I quit my night teaching job, I’m relaxed and happy. Thanks to Law Office of Rory K Rohan, also A.K.A. Sunshine State Law Group and its staffs. From Kubo family.