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S. David Cooper

S. Cooper’s Legal Guides

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  • Unpaid COA/HOA Assessments:Should You Foreclose and Take the Property?

    In my practice of representing community associations ("CAs") in Florida, I am often approached by a client or potential client and asked, "Should we foreclose on the home?" Well, like any good, annoying attorney depends. It depends on your main concern. Are you wanti...

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  • Florida Foreclosure: A Basic Introduction

    FORECLOSURE. What is it exactly? How long does it take? What are my rights as a tenant in a foreclosed home? What should I do if I get served papers? Do I have to keep paying my mortgage? If the bank forecloses, can it still sue me for the amount I owe? These questions are just...

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  • Help! My Landlord is Getting Foreclosed! -- Tenants & Foreclosure

    So, you have rented the perfect home. You finally got that last box unpacked. Time for a glass of wine, dock the iPhone, and play your favorite Schubert, or maybe you kick back on the couch, pop open a brewski, and watch the game live in 1080HD. Life is good, right? Just then, th...

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