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David H. Stoller

About David Stoller

About me

Our job is to assist clients in telling life stories.  We handle any type of case arising under the application and enforcement of the US immigration laws and it would indeed by our honor to speak with you on how our team of professionals can help you, a famly member or anyone either seeking to come to the US or to remain here find the right tools in an effort to achieve their goals and to obtain permanent or temporary lawful status here in the US.  We tell life stories about foreign nationals who have fled their homeland for fear that harm will come if they did not leave.  We tell life stories about foreign nationals who have come to the US to find a better life and have remained here with authorization but have built a famly and gained significant ties and believe an undue hardship would be had if removal from the US were to become necessary.  We tell life stories of individuals who have lawful status in the US and who have run into problems with the law which may call into questions their ongoing right to remain in the US. 

There are many choices out there when it comes to finding the right attorney.  That person should be someone in whom you have complete confidence to do what is right for you and your famly.  Somoeone whose interest is not to tell you that your case can be resolved when they should have known that it could not be done.  Immigration cases are life stories and clients must have a knoweldgeable professional on their side who will explain what can be done, how it can be handled, how much the work will cost and provide a guideline on how long the required work should take to complaint.

Ask questions and expect answers from anyone claiming to have any experience in this complicated area of the law.  Attorney are here to explain themselves and what they are doing and you should expect the time from your attorney necessary to ensure that you are adequately informed as to how your case will be handled.  An informed client is our goal and a client who moves past our office's help to write the rest of their life story is the satisfaction that we taken in assisting buinesses, organizations, employers and foreign nationals with any matter arising under US immigration laws.

Give us a call, share your concerns with us and we will do our best to provide honest answers.  We charge a fee of $100 for our initial consultation and the meeting will take as long as it needs to take in order to have all of your questions answered.  Consultations can be made via telephone or in person and we are available to see clients on weekends and after hours depending on the circumstances.

We look forward to hearing from you.