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Zahra Shanaz Umansky

About Zahra Umansky

About me

Zahra Umansky was a former Assistant Public Defender in the 18th judicial circuit in Brevard and Seminole Counties, Florida.  As a former Public Defender, Zahra had over a hundred trials including crimes such as robbery, theft, assault, battery, prostitution, drugs, trafficking, dealing in stolen property, fraud, sex crimes, driving under the influence, and many other Felonies and Misdemeanors.  She was able to secure many not guilty verdicts and judgment of acquittals protecting her client's right to liberty.  After Zahra left the Public Defender's office, she was appointed by the Honorable Glenda Hood, Mayor of Orlando, as the City Prosecutor for the City of Orlando, Florida.

As City Prosecutor, Zahra was successful in the implementation and prosecution of many types of criminal matters including crimes of disorderly conduct, assault and battery, resisting arrest without violence, trespass, indecent exposure of sexual organs, solicitation to commit prostitution and many other criminal and or ordinance violations. Zahra also served as the prosecutor before the City's Nuisance Abatement Board.  She was also a legal advisor to the Orlando Police Department on matters involving search and seizure law, trespass, drugs, domestic violence etc.  As a legal advisor, Zahra trained police in matters of search and seizure laws, Miranda and other constitutional rights.  She reviewed search warrants, wiretap applications, and gave police last minute advice they needed before they made arrests.

While City Prosecutor for the City of Orlando, Zahra was appointed Special Assistant State Attorney for the Ninth judicial circuit to prosecute Firework cases here in Orlando, Florida.  As a former prosecutor and legal advisor, Zahra can see and evaluate your case from both sides of the law.  As a former police legal advisor, she understands how the Police investigate and secure their evidence and as a former prosecutor, understands how the State of Florida will present their case in court against you.  Zahra Umansky is dedicated to defending the rights of her clients and approaches each case with aggressive and diligent representation.  At the same time, she treats each client with the dignity and respect.

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