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Thomas D. Marks

About Thomas Marks

About me

With 30 years of experience practicing law in Central Florida, I zealously represent my clients with integrity, dedication, and personal concern.  I have built a strong reputation with my clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, and the Courts of Orange, Osceola, Lake, Brevard, Volusia, and Seminole counties and throughout the state of Florida.


I am committed to my clients, their well being and their goals.  I see success as a journey and not as a destination.  I care deeply about my clients, their children and their future where they can not only survive the difficult family law process, but also rise to a level of success and significance.


If reconciliation is possible, I will support my clients' efforts to achieve that goal.  If I am called on to represent my client’s interests in Court, Mediation or elsewhere, I will be a zealous advocate while keeping in mind the best interests of the minor children.


I am active in the community and in my church.  I frequently speak at various Divorce Care groups in Central Florida and I have focused my time, efforts, and practice in the family relations and litigation areas of the law.


Additional Specialties:
Paternity, Parenting Plans, Child Support Guidelines, Equitable Distribution, Alimony Analysis, Post Divorce Modification, Postnuptial Agreements, Premarital Agreements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Separation Agreements, Spousal Support, Uncontested Divorce, Attorneys' Fees, Contact Issues, Custody, Contempt, Enforcement, Modification, Time Sharing, Supplemental Proceedings, Parental Rights, Parenting Time, Step-Parent Adoptions,Termination of Parental Rights, Third Party Custody, Visitation Rights, Alimony, Annulment, Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce Mediation, Domestic Partnerships, Marital Property Distribution, Marital Property Law, Marital Property Settlements and Name Changes.

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